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Lush tented camps, eco-friendly lodges in the Serengeti, and resorts hidden in awe-inspiring natural beauty – the choice is yours. We can help you booking in full security and confidence, or help you choose the perfect safari lodging for your adventure, in every season. Discover our favorite picks, collected over many years of successful bespoke safaris in Tanzania.

Luxury Tented Camps

Discover the unique decor, unbeatable atmosphere and unbelievable comfort of some of the best safari camps. Strategically placed in the middle of the Great Migration corridors, or scattered across the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, tents and camps ensure a true wildlife experience, but with minimum disruption to the pristine environment.

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Kirawira Serena Camp

Western Serengeti Corridor

With amenities, decor and service worthy of the best international luxury hotel, the Kirawira Camp by Serena Hotels & Resorts replicates the experience of the legendary ‘white hunters’ of old. It’s located in the famous Western Corridor of the national park.

Mbuzi Mawe Serena Camp

Central Serengeti Corridor

In the middle of the annual migration route of a million wildebeest and half a million zebras and gazelles lies “The Place of the Klipspringer,” a one-of-a-kind luxury camp resting in a spectacular glade.

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Asanja Luxury Camps

In the Middle of the Serengeti Plains

Experience true Africa: its untamed wilderness and vibrant culture alike. Dine alongside Maasai warriors and sleep in elegant tents decorated with traditional art, in a set of unique camps scattered across carefully chosen areas in the plains, right in the middle of nature.

Lemala Camp

The Ngorongoro Rim

Set in an ancient forest on the very rim of the volcano’s crater, the Lemala camp is named after the intimate access route to the Ngorongoro. Intimate yet spacious, the tents are placed and maintained to minimize impact on the unspoiled nature all around you.

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Tell us your preferences, expectations and special requirements, and we’ll pick the very best safari tented lodges for your adventure.

Our Serengeti Lodging Picks

Sprinkled across the Serengeti, these resorts, hotels and unique accommodations cater to the traveler of any budget, preference and interest.

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Mbalageti Safari Lodge

Colorful Maasai warriors and a 360-degrees panorama of the endless plains of the Serengeti welcome you home – with all the comforts the word evokes. Located near the picturesque Mbalageti River, this lodge is the perfect spot to experience the wildebeest migration

Serena Hotels

As one of the leading hospitality providers in Eastern Africa, the chain Serena Hotels has access to some of the best Safari locations. Discover luxurious tented camps, unique savanna lodges and resorts to cater to all tastes.

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Seronera Serengeti

Placed in the very heart of the national park and the epicenter of tours and experiences, the Seronera lodge has one of the best views of the Great Migration all isand overlooks the epicenter of the Great Migration. The lodge’s construction also has the perfect location, stemming from a picturesque rocky outcrop. Balloon safaris depart only five minutes away from the lodge.

Sopa Lodges

The word ‘resort’ invokes stunning natural beauty and amazing hospitality and service. That’s exactly what Sopa Lodges deliver with their multiple properties around Kenya and Tanzania. Discover ultimate relax and humbling nature in select locations.

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Going back for millennia of tradition, African hospitality never ceases to amaze, and so many options are available to the adventure seeker of any walk of life.

Tell us a bit more about your preferences, and we’ll help you discover the safari lodges, resorts and accommodations that’ll make your adventure truly... you.